Difficulties with the removal of domains in Google becomes a real problemoyPolzovateli Google services found that delete or restore a domain in your account is quite difficult. This state of affairs taken in mid-January, after Google without warning disabled the ability to do it himself.

Requests for deleting or creating a new domain began to accumulate, causing trouble administrator of the service, which as a result have to deal with a bunch of problems, causes, including lack of access to email accounts of users.

In the end, the management of Google resorted to the problem almost by hand. They suggested that all administrators who touched a similar problem, unsubscribe on the official forum – after which they will be made in a queue and then receive advice and assistance as needed.

January 10 representative Google, subscribing as Ricky, issued a statement in which the news that due to the current situation the company suspends the process of removing the domain.

He added that the removal of the domain can now take two weeks or more, and that Google said at the forum, when the mechanism is again available for use. Whatever it was, as of yesterday, no reports are still not there, and the mechanism of removal is still available.

Deleting Domain administrators occurs for various reasons, including the desire to reactivate them in a different capacity or under a different name. Suspension of the process and hold it in limbo can disrupt normal communication and other processes, and have a negative impact on their business, if a user makes business transactions using the service.

Many forum members to express their discontent, and sometimes – quite strongly. But if you believe the problems that arise from them because of incorrect application, they can be understood. Some users have noted that the administration of Google Apps could pay more attention to this issue and provide more aid administrators who are trying to fight it. For example, this problem has not been included in the list of solutions to problems.

The official Google spokesman on Saturday said that the development team is aware of this problem and they are working hard to solve it. According to the representative, they plan to find a way in the next few days.

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