Beautiful domain names

With seating like a little understood. Now what is the second-level domain. This type of address Where ru first level domain, also known as area and sait second level. Almost all second-level domains are bought for the money. In addition, to promote the site on the second level domain, a bit easier than the website under the domain of the third level, although the latest innovations behavioral factors ranking is still under question.

In addition to the second level, there are other web addresses. This may be a third-level domain and fourth. But in fact, more than a third level sufficient.

In most cases, third-level domains are free, and are distributed for free hosting. For example the domain of this blog is also free,, and granted Blogger. How dangerous free domain. Yes so that one day you can lose if you do not abide by the rules of its use. Of the purchase it can happen only if you do not pay for its extension. Or if it is taken away, such as and

But also third-level domain can be paid. For example zone, or if it is a subdomain, ie another site. For example there is a site, wanted to put the forum admin on another engine and made a subdomain That is added forum, but the domain remained the same, Poddomenoov can crap countless, how much enough finances to maintain hosting. It seems to have understood, will not hesitate to ask questions in the comments.

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